driving the night from alnew on Vimeo.

You’ve got to admit that there is just something about driving a flawlessly detailed car at night. This cool video we found on Vimeo focuses on the amazing, and almost hypnotic effect that city lights can have as they dance across the surface of the body panels of a classic car at night. The subject of the video is a cherry-red 1969 Corvette Sting Ray, sporting a few “427” emblems prominently on the hood.

The caption tells us, “I made this video out of my fascination to the night lights and how they work on the body of a beautiful car.”, and this video captures that idea perfectly. It’s almost like the slick red surface of the Corvette has become a super-highway of luminescence.

The video was reportedly shot using a Canon 550D, with EF-S 18-55mm and 55-250 lenses, and an incredible amount of time must have gone into the production of the video based solely on the number of different shots that were taken of the car. The video shows us from a variety of angles how the dashes of reflected light rhythmically pulse down the side of the car, and race across the glassy surface of the Sting Ray’s body. It’s almost as if the surface is too slick for the light to get any kind of traction as it slides down its lane and off the edge of the car. Check it out here for yourself.