Video: Driving Romania’s TransAlpina Road in a C6 Corvette

When it comes to automotive news, we don’t talk about Romania a whole lot. In fact, when it comes to news in general, Romania rarely seems to make the cut. But despite flying under the radar, Romania is home to some of the most breathtaking driving roads in the world, as the crew of Top Gear proved back in 2009.

rom-1But the cars they chose to explore Romania’s DNC7, also known as Ceausescu’s Folly, weren’t nearly American enough to explore the peaceful mountain scenery. We find this 8-minute POV video of Romania’s equally-beautiful TransAlpina highway from the driver’s seat of a Corvette C6 and Suzuki GSXR 1000 more thrilling and to-the-point.

rom-2What makes it so much more fun to watch? Well for one, the TransAlpina road isn’t even close to complete, and there’s an astounding lack of oversight when it comes to keeping drivers off the road, so our cameraman has no problem driving onto the gravel mountaintop roads. Many sections of the roads lack guardrails, and forget about anything other than the most basic road markers. But other portions are freshly-paved and free of traffic, traversing some truly stunning scenery. It’s a driver’s dream.

This is driving at its most pure if you ask us, harkening back to the days when automobiles were still new to the road. Seeing a Corvette in Romania is even more rare, whereas the Top Gear boys all drove easily attainable European supercars on their trip. We’ll take unfinished roads and big American V8s any day though.

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