Once upon a time, 150 horsepower seemed like a lot. These days though, even the basest of base model compact cars carry about 150 horsepower. Today, if you’re not making at least 300 horsepower, than your car isn’t as sporty as you might think it is. So if 300 horsepower is the beginning of “sportiness,” what do you call a car with five times as much horsepower?

You could call it crazy, wild, or just plain insane in the membrane. After watching this video from HighTechCorvette of a 1,500 horsepower Corvette versus a 1,200 horsepower Dodge Viper though, we just call it very entertaining.

The Corvette, is one of those heavily-modified vehicles that would take a short novel to list every upgrade. Let’s just leave it at “twin turbos and 1,500 horsepower.” All you really need to know is that this bad boy accelerates from 50 to 160 MPH in less than 10 seconds, blowing the doors off of the Viper in this brief street race.

And that Viper isn’t any slouch either; it is also packing about 1,200 horsepower under the hood. But that wasn’t nearly enough to stand toe-to-toe with this ‘Vette. Things get a little loose there, but the driver keeps it under control, bringing us this most entertaining video of a high-horsepower Corvette demolishing a Viper. A great way to start the New Year, no?