What happens when you leave the keys to a ’08 C6 Corvette and someone with a passion for tire destruction home alone? The answer – DRIVEWAY DONUTS! Whether or not the gentleman behind the wheel is just a kid or an enthusiastic young Corvette owner, one does have to admire his driving skill. Despite the spinning effect at the beginning of the video, the overall quality is decent and the tire destruction is pure entertainment. Starting off innocently enough, the driver starts the car and exits the three-car wide driveway. As he returns to the house, he pulls into the driveway while using a turn signal; this fellow seems to have a healthy respect for traffic laws, but who knows what his neighbors have to say.

With 413 RWHP, the Corvette begins to shred some expensive rubber and creates a beautiful smoke show. As the ’08 spins around, the driver maintains excellent control of the car, which is a good thing thanks to close proximity of a basketball hoop mounted to pole. Without proper control the stationary objects nearby could cause some serious body damage, but after a few revolutions the first set of driveway donuts are complete. At this point the driver decides to relocate the camera near the basketball hoop to get a much better view of the driveway donut phenomenon. Again, control is maintained but if this is not his Corvette, then it going to require some serious work to get the rubber off the driveway before anyone else gets home. Regardless of the blatant violation of any home-owners-association rules and or annoyance to neighbors, you have to commend this fellow for obeying the laws on the street and confining the hooning to private property.