Remember the guy who surprised his lucky girlfriend, Pattie, with a brand new C7 Corvette and she didn’t really seem that surprised? Yes, the same guy who repeatedly asked the McDonald’s drive-thru clerk for a Smoked Chicken Sandwich and got nothing but confusion in return.

Well, for Pattie’s birthday, he sent her C7 Corvette to Vengeance Racing out of Cumming, Georgia, for them to squeeze more horsepower out of the LT1 powerplant. To do so, Vengeance installed their VR750 performance package, which includes an ECS blower kit, 1 7/8″American Racing long-tube stainless headers with catted 3-inch x-pipe, Billy Boat Performance Fusion exhaust, 360 Forged wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 Proxes, and an Alky Control methanol system amongst other small goodies.

With all of the go-fast mods on the car as it is, power output has been bumped up to a stout 794 hp! We’re not quite sure if the C7 is her daily driver, but if it is, it’s got to be one hell of a drive to work! And did you see the smile Pattie gave as she started the car? That’s the reaction she should’ve given when she was surprised with the car at work!

All jokes aside, Pattie’s C7 Stingray is one of the baddest and most powerful Corvettes on Texas streets. Gentlemen, if you see her driving this beast around, shoot her a thumbs up!

Below, we’ve attached an overview of the build by Vengeance Racing which is pretty cool as well – who doesn’t love looking at modified, high-horsepower Corvettes? Exactly.