Video: Deer Takes on Racing Z06 – Warning, Semi Graphic Footage.

You expect them on country roads late at night, but anticipating a deer on a race track is like counting on tons of rain in Las Vegas – an unlikely prediction. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen on occasion, as James Greenwood unfortunately found out over the weekend. Check out the resulting mishap in the video above, compliments of Jalopnik.

Deer are pretty fast runners, being able to hit speeds of 30 to 40 MPH. But unfortunately for Bambi in this case, that speed wasn’t quite enough to out-run Greenwood’s Z06 on the course at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.

While competing in HyperFest on June 16th, Greenwood was making his laps of the track when a deer that had gotten trapped inside the facility decided to make a run for it. Unfortunately, that run intersected directly with the front end of Greenwood’s Corvette, shattering the windshield and throwing glass shards and deer remnants through the cabin of the vehicle.

Luckily, Greenwood did some quick thinking and was able to shield his eyes from the blast before gingerly limping his car off to the side of the track.

You can hear Greenwood decelerating before he hits the deer in the video. According to the information and discussion on YouTube included with the video, the deer had apparently tried to jump a fence without success and then turned and jumped the tire wall onto the track. Greenwood was already braking heavily for the upcoming corner and with only a split second between the time the deer hit the pavement to the time the Corvette was on it, Greenwood had no chance of avoiding it.

Greenwood wrote in the video notes, “Bad enough my car got smashed, but to add insult to injury the HyperFest emcee told ten thousand Hillbillians that I was responsible for the thirty minute Daisy Duke delay.” For those of you unfamiliar with the HyperFest event, it’s classified as “the automotive amusement park” and holds extra activities like a Daisy Duke modeling contest.

It’s a shame that Greenwood’s car was wrecked, let alone in such an unexpected way, but we’re just glad the accident wasn’t any worse and that Greenwood walked away unscathed. As for Bambi, well, that’s a different story.

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