Video: Death Star ZR1 Swapped C1 is as Insane as You’d Dream

The first generation Corvette is more than a car. It’s more than a stylish classic, it’s an icon. It’s the beginning of a story that has encompassed millions of people and a select few have been lucky enough to get behind the wheel of any of these American super cars. Even fewer will experience a running and driving first gen Corvette, let alone one with this much power.

At one point in this 1954’s life, all of this wasn’t even possible as it was destined for the scrap yard. Luckily, it fell into the right hands of Tony Tesoro. When combined with the design genius of Jason Pecikonis and Louis Tesoro along with the know-how of Timeless Kustoms, the transformation from parts car to work of art had begun.

Perhaps the most exciting part of owning a Corvette is the ability to make it your own. Whether your style be that of a complete restoration or complete modification, sharing our creation with other likeminded enthusiasts is one of the best parts. The owner of the Death Star has quite a lengthy list of things to share.

The car spans almost the entire life of the Corvette featuring the most powerful of C6 powerplants with one of the first supercharged LS9 setups released from GM. To match, the car received ZR1 brakes featuring six piston calipers and 15.5-inch Brembo carbon ceramic rotors. A custom Art Morrison chassis is under the beast with C6 front suspension and a three-link rear suspension featuring a solid rear axle for all your hooning needs. Three piece forged wheels and Hoosier A6 tires add an extra element of much welcomed stealth.

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