(Warning: NSFW language in video)

Ah, yes, the classic “donuts in the dirt”; a staple pastime of many men’s teenage years. Just find a flat open patch of dirt, mash the gas, crank the wheel, and you’ll have endless hours of entertainment for you and your friends. However, we must say that we only endorse the dirt donut when it is performed with the likes of an old beat up truck, or a rear-wheel-drive V8 powered 4-door beater from the 70’s or 80’s. Sadly, in this video we found on YouTube a couple of buddies are kicking up clouds of dust with what seems to be a perfectly functional C3 Corvette. What a shame.

At one point, the camera man even stands up in the passenger seat and films with half of his body sticking out of the T-tops; probably not the best place to be standing while your friend tosses the car around. Besides the dusty donuts, there is some pretty comical commentary between these two juvenile delinquents that’s NSFW due to language, so mind your speaker volume.

So, is this just a case of “boys being boys”, or are these two carelessly abusing a car that plenty of hard working adults would love to have for themselves? Let us know in the comments.