Without a doubt, the Internet has opened a new chapter in the history of humanity. For the first time ever, an obscure person can become an overnight star with nothing more than a video camera and an Internet connection. Thanks to the newfound collective communication between people of all colors and creeds, the Internet could usher in a new era of peace and understanding.

Unless these guys have something to say about it.

Introducing the Sham-Meow...

Because as great as the Internet is for finding and cheering on genuine stories of triumph and heroism, there are always a few d-bags ready to gum up the works with their “hysterical” satire of dudes and bros. Unfortunately, this particular crew of cool guys just happen to have access to a Corvette Z06, making it an integral part of their brain-dead shenanigans. They even found an obligatory scantily-clad blond (we’re sure she is very nice in person) to join in the idiocy. 

In fairness, this video is clearly meant to be a public mockery of all things “bro”, what with the obnoxious burnouts and exaggerated idiocy. Why these guys made a five minute “teaser” (of what? does it get worse? is there an extended dance mix?) of themselves acting like they’ve never seen a Corvette before is really just a mind-numbing exercise in futility. Nothing says awesome like parking garage burnouts and cleaning your car with a cat. Radical dudes! Oh, and we especially love the part where the driver rips out of a parking lot going sideways, and nearly plows into a couple of cars at a stop light. That’s some sick control, bro!

The real gem of this video appears around the 4:20 mark (heh) when one of our bro hosts points to the Corvette’s alternator and calls it a turbo. We have to assume anyone who can upload a YouTube video can also do a Google search to realize that isn’t a turbocharger. Yet still they lower themselves to the level of “bro-dom”, and they take down a perfectly good Corvette Z06 with them.

Next time, leave the ‘Vette at home, boys. You look ridiculous, satire or not.