Video: CXC’s Motion Pro II Offers The Ultimate Racing Experience

Whether or not adaptive technology existed in the motorsport world was yet to be seen, as there seemed to be no doable solution to the lack of adaptive equipment that could possibly make the car craft accessible.

It was a hard cross to bear, but as we grew we came to learn that the real issue went much deeper than just a lack of pedal assembly hand controls and/or joystick steering; the real issue was with every enthusiast, not only the physically challenged. A lot of people can use their arms and legs, but very few can afford to race a 917 or a GT40 at Laguna Seca.

Given these conditions, there had to be some kind of a technological break-through that allowed all enthusiasts to enjoy the overwhelming freedom that a high-performance machine could offer, and one Los Angeles-based company has opened the floodgates for all possibilities.

That company, founded early in 2007, is CXC Simulations and the product that they offer is a racing simulator that more than defies everything that you’ve ever believed about full-motion simulators.

The reason is that their patented, low-mass system known as the “Motion Pro II” focuses on the upper body instead of the lower, namely because two years of racing research by the company has proven that most tactile sensations felt while racing are in the head and torso.

The realism in the Motion Pro assembly comes from the fact that the system is designed to make subtle changes as the terrain of the driving environment also changes. But what further enhances the driving experience is that CXC’s theory of motion revolves primarily around the speed at which stimuli are produced in relation to how fast the human brain can interpret them.

The number one flaw in most simulators is that the wide motions of the chassis don’t allow for quick changes in direction, producing long, gravitational pulls instead of the rapid G-force transitions that are typically associated with a race car.

What happens is that even the most seasoned of drivers often end up quite seasick. “I’ve driven other so-called full-motion simulators; bottom line, they give me nausea. The CXC Motion Pro II is the most realistic simulator I’ve driven. For me, it’s an invaluable training tool,” explains driver Townsend Bell, who finished 4th at the ’09 Indy 500 after a 10-month absence from racing.

But aside from a renewed sense of realism backed by attention to handling, road surface and other real driving dynamics, CXC’s Motion Pro II has revolutionized the simulator industry by not only making each unit fully customizable to owner specifications, but by building each unit to be used in either personal or professional settings.

One of these businesses that have benefited from CXC’s ground-breaking technology is World Class Motoring in Agoura Hills, California. A state-of-the-art showroom, auto racing memorabilia and apparel shop and now coffee and pastry joint, World Class Motoring has praised the Motion Pro’s innovative platform, even renting-out their simulator to the most diehard of enthusiasts. “Our first idea was to include it in our catalog,” says WCM’s Fred LoBianco.

CXC's Motion Pro II differentiates itself from other motion simulators by actuating the seat instead of moving the entire chassis and display.

World Class Motoring is satisfied with the ability to offer their customers a radical, race car driving experience, and the fact that they have incorporated the system’s progressive technology has paved the way for other performance and custom auto retail stores. “You don’t have to sell the machine,” says Fred LoBianco, “As soon as guys get on it it’s like they get it right away and they start asking about things.”

Motion Pro II units start at around $45k, though most of the systems that they sell usually tap-into the $70k range. That’s because of the fact that it’s made with only the driver in mind, and though it sounds expensive it’s actually a reasonable deal that is a wise investment for the most discriminating racing enthusiast who wants to train on the most competitive levels.

If it sounds like something possible in your near future, then CXC Simulations or World Class Motoring are places and people who you most definitely need to contact. Race simulators like the Motion Pro II could be the wave of the future for all of us; how could any gearhead pass-up the opportunity afforded?

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