Video: Crazy Canuks Light ‘Em Up On the Back of a Flatbed

What’s your favorite canvas to paint black with your rear tires? Perhaps the parking lot behind the local Wal-Mart store, or maybe even the greased -up drive-through at Wendy’s might make perfect places to do a little burnout, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

In this video from YouTube, aptly named “Smoke Show Corvette” we get to watch a whole new breed of burnout performed by a C6 Corvette convertible. Rather than using a smooth, flat patch of concrete somewhere the cops don’t frequent, this C6 takes its burnout to a whole other level, by actually doing a burnout on the back of another vehicle – positively mind blowing!

The video actually starts out quietly with a shot of the car sitting in the snow, and a caption that loosely translates to “Never gone out the winter and never beaten.” After the intro, we are quickly thrown right into the heavy-metal-driven-flatbed-burnout-madness, and that whole “never beaten” nonsense gets thrown right out the window. Bouncing off the rev limiter, the rear treads are sent up in a blaze of glory as onlookers crowd around to get shots of the madness with their cell phones. The tow truck driver doesn’t seem to mind either, as the driver even goes for a second round after letting the smoke clear out of the cabin.

What would be even cooler is if the tow truck was also doing a burnout – then it would be like some sort of a crazy burnout-within-a-burnout… Somebody get Xzibit on the phone!

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