Video: Corvettes on “Tour de Vino”

Just last May, there was a gaggle of Corvette drivers in Europe who had the bright idea to take a gran turismo of Italy. 25 Vettes and their owners, ranging from a big block C2 to a C6 Z06, planned on taking the “Tour de Vino” through the Tuscany region of the country.

TourdeVinoMade up of German, Austrian, and Swiss Corvette owners, plans had them set to start off the nearly 800-mile course in Lake Garda in northern Italy. Martin, the man responsible for the posts on, lives in Switzerland near Zurich, and had a relatively easy time making the trek across the rainy Alps in his red C3 on day 1.

Day 2 found everyone in in Lake Garda, off toward Modena for a (rainy) day at the races. Martin, being conscious of the limitations of his vehicle, was cautious enough to keep a tight grip on the wheel and an adroit foot on the gas.

The drivers were put into groups of 7 cars on the track at a given time, with a cap of 3 laps. Somehow, they were able to finagle the track all to themselves, as well as transmitters to measure lap times.

DSC02171The next day, Martin got to drive his C3 through the Carrara region, well known for its numerous, vast, and centuries-old marble quarries that are still in use today. And this being a Corvette tour, of course Martin and company got to drive their sports cars into the quarry.

DSC02309The trip was nearly at a close, but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying all that Pisa and Lucca had to offer, including a trip to the famous leaning tower and the city walls of old-world Lucca. A dinner at the Gazebo restaurant offered a Vette-themed four-course meal.

Onto day 5, the group made its way to Volterra, where the mayor allowed the group to drive through a historical district that ordinarily was closed off to cars. Onlookers of all ages, especially children, oohed and awed over the American cars–as well they should.

And though Martin promised some more photos and information, his last post on the thread is marked May 23rd. At least he left us with some videos to watch of the day at Modena! So friggin’ cool.

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