Since 2002, “Corvettes at CORSA” has provided a place for Midwest Y-body fans to gather and celebrate their passion for America’s sports car. Sponsored by CORSA Performance, the renowned exhaust specialists and Corvette aficionados, the show is a free event put on for the benefit of a charity local to the Berea, Ohio facility. We recently shared the announcement for the event, which took place on the 28th of July.

corvettesCORSAThis year was the 11th anniversary of the meet. As you can see from the video above, the show had no shortage of Chevy’s iconic sports cars and visitors.

Folks came from all around to take part in the atmosphere of Corvette appreciation, and CORSA, for its own part, added a great deal to the day’s attractions by allowing a 10% discount on all of its exhaust systems, including those sweet, sound-dampening, RSC-equipped kits. What’s more, CORSA offered free professional installations to any and all patrons using CORSA’s exhaust products.

What’s really touching about this whole event was its cause: OhioGuideStone. Originally known as the German Methodist Orphan Asylum, the charity started out back in 1864 as a shelter for Civil War orphans and neglected, dependent or abandoned children. Today, it focuses on giving children and adolescents specialized therapeutic programs. A big 50/50 raffle was done for the sake of this charity, and garnered a lot of participants.

So, when all was said and done, the event looks to have been a great success. We wish kudos upon CORSA for putting on its car show and benefit, and can’t wait to see what they plan to do for 2014.