Common bonds bring together people from all walks of life, but few are as dedicated to helping those in need as members of the Corvette family. The Corvettes Serving America Foundation was created after a founding member of the PaceSetters Corvette Club lost her mother to a battle with breast cancer. This non-profit organization is not solely focused finding a cure for breast cancer; in fact this group of Corvette enthusiasts devote their time to stimulate support awareness for other terminal diseases. By combining their love for the iconic American sports car and helping to raise awareness for numerous causes this group epitomizes the family-like bond shared by most of the Corvette owners.

With October being breast cancer awareness month, CSAF held their 8th annual Corvettes Against Breast Cancer at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. This event allowed participants to take up to five laps around the track for a nominal fee with the proceeds benefiting local Breast Cancer Support Organizations and Speedway Children’s Charities. This group was kind enough to invite other non-Corvette sports cars to participate in the annual event; with the goal of raising funds and awareness the larger the turnout the better. Despite the desire to let a Z06 tear through the turns over the mile-and-half long track all participants were limited to 80 MPH. With events like this, Corvettes Serving America is truly a success story that exemplifies giving nature of Corvette enthusiasts.