By now you’ve probably scoped out at least a handful of racing videos on the glorious network that is YouTube, but just when you think you’ve seen it all, we come up with yet another epic flick. This time, the video comes compliments of That Racing Channel, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating racing videos. Essentially, it’s a channel dedicated to taking the street racing scene (as well as racing on the track) up a notch by filming interludes into their race videos. But intro or not, this latest video is sure to either have you grinning ear to ear or laughing at the strategically placed blurs concealing the driver’s identities. Check it out above thanks to Car Buzz.


Images: Car Buzz

The battle of performance between Mustangs and Camaros has been on-going since the 60s, but now one Mustang owner has set his eyes on something a little different- a modified ZR1 Corvette. According to the information attached to the video, the ZR1 features an upgraded air filter, headers, pulley, and injectors. This is topped off with an E85 conversion and a special tune. The Shelby GT 500, on the other hand, features a 3.4 Whipple supercharger and an E85 conversion as well. According to the dyno numbers, the Corvette is highly out-powered at 600 wheel horsepower compared with the Mustang’s 750.

Minus the intro, this video will more than likely strike you as any other racing video on the interwebs, but what had us grinning was the glorious sounds coming from both vehicles. With cameras attached to both cars, every bit of American power can be enjoyed. And yes, we’re going to make you watch it to find out who wins.

While a typical race video in many senses, we couldn’t help but notice the precautions that the creators of the video put in place to not get in trouble. After all, no one really wants to go to jail over a street racing video. So to hide their identities and the location of their race, they blurred their faces and superimposed the Mexican flag over roadside signs.

We get it guys- you don’t want to be caught. But then again, if it was such a worry, why’d you make a video of your race and post it on YouTube? Guess it goes to show that even people wanting to avoid the wrath of the law still want their 30 seconds of fame. Congrats guys; you got it!