Really? No way the ZR1 should get dusted this badly... must of mixed up the gas and the brake pedal.

Here at powerTV, we will look to defend the Corvette and its interests worldwide – in any corner of the Earth where America’s sports car’s good name may be slandered. We recently discovered something very fishy going on in this video from French website, featuring a Corvette ZR1 facing off against a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Nissan GT-R.

In the video both the Ferrari and the GT-R blast off the line and almost instantly pull a bus length on the ZR1, and continue to widen the gap through almost the entire run. The Ferrari and the GT-R run 11.2 and 11.3, prospectively, and the ZR1 lazily rolls in at 12.1.

There is just no way that the GT-R and the Ferrari 458 should do that kind of damage to the ZR1. Let’s take a look at the numbers here from an independent 3rd party, namely Motor Trend. In this recent drag test they performed, the GT-R runs the quarter in 11.2 seconds, and the 458 comes in right behind it at 11.3 (A Z06 in the same test crossed the line at 11.9), all very close to the times they ran in the French video. When Motor Trend individually tested the ZR1’s quarter mile time, they cranked out a more fitting 11.2. It’s plain to see that with a proper driver, all three cars should be very close in their quarter mile times.

We demand a rematch. The ZR1’s good name should not – and must not – be tarnished just because some French guy doesn’t know how to launch the car properly.