Video: Corvette ZR1 Shows Italy Why America Rules…

If you like the sweet, sweet music that an LS9 makes at wide-open-throttle, this is one you’ll definitely want to crank your speakers up for. We came across this video on YouTube of a slightly modified Corvette ZR1 ripping around the Monza Circuit with the pedal on the floor.

The Monza Circuit, or “Autodromo Nazionale Monza” as it’s known to the locals, is located in Monza, Italy, and is famous for serving as the venue for the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. This particularly fast track, with its long straights and high sweeping turns, is also very well known for being a notoriously dangerous one as well; reportedly having claimed the lives of 52 drivers and 35 spectators in its 90 year history (an average of at least one person per year…)

Observe how the ZR1 has to repeatedly dodge far slower, and way less manly sedans and hatchbacks as it eats up the corners around Monza. If you watch closely, you will observe that on more than one occasion the supercharged ZR1 actually shoots flames from the tailpipe under deceleration. As we watched this video, we couldn’t help but wonder why the owner, who is presumably Italian, would go through the trouble of importing a ZR1 from the U.S.A., when he could have just picked up a Ferrari from his homeland.

Oh, wait… We know exactly why he did; because the ZR1 is freaking amazing.

Why, yes. That is in fact fire coming out of the tailpipes...

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