Video: Corvette ZR1 Ride-Along with Holland’s Autogespot

The Dutch automotive website Autogespot takes the ZR1 for a spin around Belgium’s back roads, and we get to ride along thanks to this great video they recently posted to YouTube. The video opens on several great still shots and close ups of the stunning and inspiring body lines of a beautiful blue ZR1 parked outside of a historical home somewhere in the European countryside. As good as the ZR1 looks standing still, it just wasn’t meant to sit in one place… it was made for going fast, and thankfully the folks at Autogespot agree.

Of course, no European car video would be complete without some quirky techno music, and after the still shots of the car, the video finally focuses in on the rear of the ZR1 as the music is drowned out by the Corvette’s notably nasty exhaust tone and the mechanical whir of the supercharger. After a few seconds of pause, the LS9 comes to life and sends the ZR1 rocketing into the horizon, leaving behind a faint smoke trail as the tires struggle to find grip. Next we are treated to a sequence of fly-bys as the ZR1 winds up the supercharger and shows off its more-than-impressive acceleration for the camera.

Even though we can’t read Autogespot’s review of the ZR1 because it’s in Dutch, just watching the shots of the ZR1 blasting through the back roads tells us all we really need to know. Google Translate’s predictably hilarious attempt to convert it into English does give us some gems, though:

“For just over € 200,000, the ZR1 in the possession of you. A life is not on the options list so that Corvette up to you close. The ZR1 is such a tyrant that requires a training to be given.”

“Many people after we have experience with this Corvette ZR1 to know that there are cheaper ways to end your life to make. With 819 hp and 647 Nm at the rear wheels, the Corvette which is a dangerous car. On dry pavement, he lost his power already difficult in the rain, again with an enlarged square.”

“If a wagging tail of a dog, the Corvette back and forth searching for the grip that can not be found in full throttle. Served as the safety car during Bavaria City Racing was up to us the task to the Corvette in Belgium to deliver.”

You got that right, Autogespot!

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