In this video from YouTube, SPEED’s Steve Magnante gives us a walk around tour of Chevrolet’s awesome ZR1 full-car cutaway on display at the Manufacturers’ Midway at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Palm Beach. In the video Mangante tells us, “One of the great things about this show is not just the show cars, and the cars for sale, but also the Manufacturers’ Midway. Chevrolet brought out this cutaway of a ZR1 Corvette as a part of their tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Corvette… You’ll only find things like this at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions with the Manufacturers’ Midways. They bring out the things that you just don’t get to see anywhere else. It’s really cool.”

The ZR1 cutaway starts with the car’s heart and soul, the 638 horsepower LS9, where we get an “inside” look at the dual-rotor supercharger and induction system. Next up is the ZR1’s unique dual disc clutch system and all of its components that help harness the LS9’s power. Magnate also points out the car’s all aluminum body structure, describing it as “very exotic stuff.”

The cutaway even shows the ZR1’s floor panels that are made of light weight balsa wood (that’s right – the very same stuff those slide-together airplanes with the rubber band driven prop are made of) that is completely encased in carbon fiber to keep the car’s weight down. And finally, moving to the back of the car, you can see exactly how the rear-mounted transaxle is placed in the car, helping the ZR1 achieve an ideal 50/50 weight distribution.