Video: Corvette Z06 Dominates Standing-Mile Race Against SRT10 Viper

The rivalry between the Corvette and the Viper is inevitable. Both pack quite the punch and have great looks to back them up. Unfortunately, only one can be superior. That was the idea behind a recent standing-mile race between a Lingenfelter-supercharged Z06 and a Paxton-blown Viper SRT10 that ended up on YouTube. While the cars were very close in horsepower, driver skill was definitely not equal.

Let me preface the review by saying this: if you are faint of heart over performance cars being driven badly, DO NOT watch this video. When the cars are launched, the Viper nearly goes sideways. While the Corvette doesn’t get a great launch, it seems that the driver knows a bit more about what he’s doing. The Viper proceeds down the track hitting the rev-limiter in first gear about a dozen times before he misses his shift into second gear. Although the Viper is driven rather poorly, it gets an immediate lead.

As the video goes on, the Viper’s driver wises up and seems to get control of his driving. Unfortunately, his miscues running the 725 HP car allow the Corvette to catch up and pass him by mid-track. In the end, the Corvette prevails with a mile-time of 28.412 seconds followed by the Viper with a 29.810 second mile. Had the Viper gotten a better launch, not hit the rev-limiter so many times or missed a shift, it probably would have crossed the finish line first. We as Corvette fans will take this win with pride, however. The lesson to be learned here? If you’re going to race against one of your biggest sports car rivals, please have the driving skills to drive your car properly. Our congratulations goes out to the Corvette driver for, not only winning the race, but also having the superior driving skills in a 700+HP beast.

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