One of the hardest things about owning a nice, new car is that it seems as though everything is conspiring to turn it into an old, crappy car even as you watch. It takes an active defense to ward off most threats, but once in a while, one will get through.

One of the repair procedures for recovering from a scratch is wet sanding, demonstrated in the video below. It is a good look at what is involved in the first part of the process and contains a warning not to attempt it unless you are a professional.

The warning is well founded, as we have seen first hand, on at least one occasion, that it really takes very little to rip through the factory clear and color coats, even using 2000 grit paper.

Consider this video an educational one. The presenter isn’t giving away any secrets and doesn’t talk about how to restore the finish after the wet sanding is complete. There is some good advice on checking the outfit you may be handing your car over to and it is well worth following through on.

Having to get someone else to fix it up a second time could be a lot more expensive than paying to have it done right the first time. Wait, that sounds familiar. Where have we heard that before?

Oh, yeah… life.