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Last year a good friend of mine, Rob Ashard, who is a TV sound engineer, part time radio DJ, and most importantly to this story a C3 Corvette owner, contacted me to discuss doing a Corvette Webcast. Rob wanted to know if I’d be interested in being one of the regular guests on the show. Well, anyone that knows me would say I have a great face for radio but they’re not so sure about on-screen.

I agreed to do it – I mean, what was the worst that could happen? I could break the webcam on my laptop I guess… Well so far the camera is holding up and we have recorded three episodes. The first and second episodes were recorded at Claremont Corvette, the company owned and run by Tom Falconer who is the UK’s oldest and most respected Corvette specialist. Tom is a well-known author of Corvette books and has been involved in the Corvette hobby for more than 30 years. The third episode was a post-Sebring catch-up with just Rob and myself.


Presenters Rob Ashtard (left) and Tom Falconer

Oliver Gavin took some time out while in the US for Daytona to chat via Skype

Oliver Gavin took some time out while in the US for Daytona to chat via Skype

The first episode was a question and answer session with club members from the UK Corvette Owners Club posing questions on the club website. We all enjoyed making the show, but we decided that to make things a bit more interesting we would need to recruit special guests from the world of the Corvette. I was attending Road Atlanta for Petit Le Mans so I suggested I try and recruit Corvette Racing driver and fellow Brit Oliver Gavin for the second episode.

Olly graciously agreed, and we were able to arrange a suitable time – he was in the USA for Daytona in January, so we eventually settled on a date in February. The resulting shows are available on YouTube on the Corvette Webblast channel for your viewing pleasure.  Anyone with any suggestions for future episodes, be it special guests, questions etc. please feel free to post up in the UK Corvette Owners Club forum.


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