Nitro Circus is a collective of daredevils who decide to tempt fate on a daily basis, but hitting the Mega Ramp in a pink Corvette takes big brass ones. From the YouTube video, viewers are able to get an idea of how truly monstrous the Mega Ramp, but it is hard to imagine plummeting down the ramp in a plastic Barbie Corvette. In preparation for the ride the announcer states, “this is quite possibly the stupidest idea we have ever had,” and if these guys think is a stupid idea, then the potential for serious injury and/or internal bleeding is high.

As the Pepto pink plastic Corvette inches out toward the point of no return the crowd cheers on the brave soul behind the wheel. Amazingly the ‘Vette stays straight and firmly planted as it rapidly plunges down the ramp; once down the Mega Ramp Barbie’s ride is carrying enough speed to hit the launch ramp and attempt a Dukes of Hazzard-style jump. It is amazing to see a plastic Corvette catch that much air with an adult behind the wheel. In the end the driver/pilot lands the Corvette at the top of the padded safety wall, the driver escapes without serious injury and the Corvette eventually lands right side up.