Video: Corvette Versus Mustang Street Race Goes Very Wrong

Let’s just start this post off by stating the obvious; street racing is stupid. While we acknowledge that most of us have probably at one point or another engaged in a “contest of speed,” racing on public streets endangers you, your car, and innocent bystanders. Things can go very wrong, very quickly, and your boys aren’t likely to stick around for the cops to show up.

This video we found on YouTube is a perfect demonstration of how quickly street racing can go wrong, as a 2000 Corvette lines up for a from-a-roll match against an ‘07 Mustang GT, and it all descends into chaos soon after.

The video is short on details, which is probably for the best, lest these street racers wind up in the slammer. All we can tell you is that this has all the trappings of a three-way race set up beforehand between the C5 ‘Vette, an ‘07 Mustang GT, and what appears to be a Nissan 350Z. The go signal is given and…

The Corvette loses control almost immediately. It’s hard to judge speed by this video, but we can tell you that they weren’t going slow. The Corvette veers left, hits the concrete barrier, and bounces right in front of the camera car. It looks like they avoided an accident, albeit just barely, and hopefully they learned an expensive lesson about street racing on public roads.

Just don’t do it, k?

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