The Chevrolet Corvette is an incredible production car as well as a very popular race car with many GM-supported teams, as well as freelancers flinging the sports car around the world’s many race tracks. Abu Dhabi, the tiny Arab emirate, is host to one such FIA race, where many of the world’s top drivers gathered over the weekend for the GT class race, which saw old rivals Ford and Chevy battling the likes of Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

But one particular incident caught the eye of Jalopnik; this “lovely pirouette” of Corvette Z06 driver Nicky Catsburg as he tries to get past the Sumo Power Nissan GT-R.

Catsburg had been leading the Sumo Power GT-R for several corners when Jamie Campbell-Walter made his move in the GT-R and snuck around Catsburg’s Corvette on the inside of a turn. Catsburg, in a rush to regain his lost position, furiously chased Walter around the next series of corners, and while we don’t see exactly what happens, Catsburg’s Corvette spins around and a trailing Lamborghini swoops around him (those sneaky Italians.)

It looks bad for Catsburg, but in an amazing displaying of driving the Corvette spins 360 degrees and, pointing in the right position, takes off after the offending Nissan and Lambo. Catsburg was unable to catch up to the GT-R, but did eventually make it around the Lambo, thanks in no small part to that awesome save that the commentator called a “lovely pirouette.” We couldn’t put it any better ourselves.