Video: Corvette Racing’s Track to Street – Beating the Clock

Any automotive racer, no matter what the venue, knows that races are won or lost in the pits as often than they are on the track. The latest episode of Corvette Racing’s Track to Street shows us just how much practice and attention is put into being as quick and consistent in the pits as possible. Thanks to Corvette Blogger for bringing us this latest installment.

Pit stops may look simple, but if things aren’t done in the proper order or a respectable time, the pit stop can affect what place the driver and car finish at in the long run. The faster things can be done in the pit stop, the sooner the car can be back on the course.

According to Dan Binks, Corvette Racing Crew Chief for the #3 car, pit stops are orchestrated but out of control. No matter how many times the team does a pit stop, excitement and adrenaline are always there.

To make sure they are at their best on the track, the Corvette Racing Team practices ruthlessly. In the video, Binks states that they practice about 100 times for every pit stop on the track. There is a crew member for everything. Whether its to place tires on the car, pull them off, fuel the car, clean the windshield or assist the driver when swapping out with another, there is a crew member there doing it in split seconds.

To see all the practice and effort that goes into completing optimal pit stops, check out the latest episode of Track to Street. If it doesn’t inspire you to get off your seat and go do something, nothing will.

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