There is no more dramatic a change for ALMS racers than the transition from Sebring to Long Beach. The wide, open spaces of the Florida airport are traded in for a concrete-lined canyon that is the temporary street circuit in Southern California. The consequences of a minor lapse of judgment can be disastrous, particularly considering that the next race is the 24 Hours of Le Mans in Europe.

For Corvette Racing, such pressures form no reason to compromise a job that hasn’t changed, regardless of the venue. The only acknowledgment of the additional challenges of the 1.968-mile, 11-turn temporary street course is to be thankful to have finished it with a minimum of damage.

As you’ll see in this video, every member of the Corvette Racing team understands their position and role in the overall strategy and, should thing go less well than hoped for, their contributions are equally understood.

As it turned out, second and fifth place finishes for the series’ second race of the year are highly valued and are likely to ease some of the stress in preparing for June’s upcoming 24 Hour Endurance race in Le Mans, France. For now, check out the team’s chemistry and cohesiveness – it’s just as strong as last year.