Video: Corvette-Powered Factory Five GTM Stretching Its Legs

Everyone loves a great garage build – from custom, DIY body work to full-blown restomods. Kit cars are one of the most involved and arguably most fun of these garage-projects; nothing beats being able to tell all of your car’s envious onlookers that you quite literally built the car yourself.

And when it comes to kit cars, Factory Five is one of the best in the business. Since their start in ’95, the company has been developing and selling some of the highest-quality kit cars on the market, with kits like the Shelby Cobra-reminiscent Mk4 Roadster and the new super-lightweight Project 818.

Since it’s introduction, however, our personal favorite has been – of course – the GTM supercar. With either an LS1 or LS6 mill and Corvette brakes, the GTM stops and goes with the power of America’s sports car. But while all of Factory Five’s kits utilize core components from major manufacturers, like the Chevy power-plant and brakes, the frame and bodywork are fabricated in-house.

FFR GTM Burnout 06

Steel tubing, aluminum paneling and fiberglass make up this body and chassis, putting the GTM’s total weight at close to 2,400 pounds. That, coupled with the 350 or 400 horsepower LS, yields results somewhat similar to those in the above video. The car’s light curb-weight and potent, mid-mounted engine make for some seriously wicked burnouts – complete with massive and consistent flame-spitting.

There’s a reason that the GTM is Factory Five’s flagship model, and – if nothing else – this video ought to be it.

FFR GTM Burnout 03

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