Video: Corvette Owner Reunited with His Stolen Car 33 Years Later

While most insurance plans will help you replace a vehicle if it’s ever stolen, it’s still not the same as having your beloved car back in your possession. But as one Detroit man recently found out, no matter how much time has passed and whether or not the insurance company is involved, you could be fortunate enough to be reunited with your prized ride. Check out the video from GM above to see lucky Corvette owner George Talley’s unique story of how he was reunited with his car.

Images: GM

As a Corvette fan early on, Talley was plenty excited when he was able to acquire a 1979 Corvette of his own some 30 years ago. But in 1981, after parking his car on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, Talley never saw his car again….. until Monday.

Having been stolen 33 years ago, Talley’s Corvette popped up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi back in June.

On June 13th, Talley received a call from AAA informing him that his car had been found in running order with just 47,000 miles on it and could be picked up at any time. Talley’s favorite Corvette was back!

Hearing Talley’s story on the news, executive vice president of GM Product Development, Mark Reuss, arranged to have the Corvette shipped back to Detroit to be with its rightful owner. In a recent press release, Reuss explained, “As a longtime Corvette owner myself, I know the passion the car inspires. I also knew the car belonged home in Detroit, with its rightful owner, and we could make that happen.”

Talley was reunited with his Corvette at General Motors’ World Headquarters in Detroit on Monday.

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