Corvette Online Rewind #23 is coming at you! We’ll review the week’s activity regarding Chevrolet’s two-seater and cover all the news you might have missed.

C5 Re-wrote the book on performance

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Rec Mech Motorsports C6 is the fastest in the land. Almost 260mph!

We’ll keep it short and sweet and you’ll have all the news regarding Chevrolet’s Corvette in a jiffy.

This time, we celebrate the C5s 20th anniversary, zoom in close to the fastest C6 Corvette in the world, play exhaust notes from Billy Boat Exhaust, and of course, Good Corvettes Gone Bad!  All that and more on this episode of Corvette Online Rewind #23!  Enjoy.

Thanks for watching, see you next time…

Billy Boat Exhaust is beautiful and melodious….Easy install on 2002 C5 too.