Whether you found your passion for Corvettes at a young age or were well into your adulthood before laying eyes on a Corvette you just couldn’t live without, you know what it’s like to dream about your perfect car. For some enthusiasts, owning a Corvette comes early while some have to wait their entire lives to get those keys, but one thing remains the same no matter how long it takes to get that ultimate car – it’s a dream come true. That’s exactly what this Vimeo video from Philip Volkoff showcases. Unfortunately, the enthusiast in the video doesn’t quite make his Corvette dream come true in his lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not united with his car in the long run.

Titled Corvette Heaven, this video produced for GM shows the lifetime of an avid Corvette enthusiast. Saving from a young age with paper route money, the video’s main character can be seen swooning over a C1 in the beginning, but as we all know it does, life hits some rough patches when money is best spent elsewhere rather than to save for a dream car.

Buying a bike for his brother, helping contribute to rebuilding the senior center and having a family all tap into the main character’s Corvette fund, but when retirement comes, nothing can stop him from finally getting his Corvette. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite make it to the dealership before the end of his days.

While many enthusiasts can be empathetic to this tragedy, our main character’s story doesn’t end there. Tying into the title, once gone, he goes to “Corvette Heaven” where a brand new ZR1 sits awaiting just for him. The moral of the story? The dream never dies.

What type of Corvette would you want in your own Corvette Heaven?