Video: Corvette Goes Over 200 MPH (Indicated…) On The Autobahn

You’d think that in a country like America, where we prize freedom and automobiles above pretty much everything else, there’d be an open public road somewhere where Americans could let loose and drive as fast as they want. Alas, that is not the case, though if you’ve got enough money, and don’t mind putting your car on a boat, you can always hit up the German Autobahn. Unless you already live in Germany, of course.

We assume that is the case with this YouTube video, as we ride shotgun in a 2008 Corvette Z06 going over 330 kph, or 207 mph on the aforementioned Autobahn.

Now we know this video is three years old, and it has already made its rounds around the Internet. Yet there is something captivating about watching a car go that quick on public roads. There’s even a handy-dandy HUD to let us know how fast this ‘Vette is going.…and yet nothing bad happens. No police chases, no fiery accidents, and the German motorists all move over to let this blazing yellow bolt of American muscle by.

You know why we can’t have an Autobahn-like road in America? Because American drivers will never be able to figure out that how to move over like that. We hate to say it, but sometimes the truth hurts. It’s downright difficult to get your driver’s license in Germany, but here we all but hand them out. Until that changes, forget about an American Autobahn.

However, there are events where we can still get our top speed fix legally. There’s the Texas Mile, the Bonneville Salt flats, and hundreds of drag strips across this great country. But an American Autobahn? Never gonna happen. But at least we have videos like this to keep the dream alive.

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