Video: Corvette Funfest Celebrity Choice Judging

PowerTV was honored to be chosen to provide a Celebrity Judge at this year’s Funfest, and now we have a look at a few of the other celebrity judges and how they go about making their selections. During the 3 day event, there are 60 Celebrity Choice awards given out, and Mike Yager himself also picks his personal favorite from among each day’s winners.

Eric Calhoun, Mid America’s man-in-charge of the Celebrity Choice Award says, “Basically, we send the judges out, and ask those judges to pick a car that’s meaningful to them – for whatever the reason. So there is no set criteria for the judges to pick a car other than whatever their own criteria would be.”

PowerTV wasn’t the only automotive performance media outlet to serve as a celebrity judge at Funfest. Dennis Pittsenbarger from Hot Rod Magazine also was a celebrity judge, and had this to say: “The thing about it is there [are so many cars] to choose from, it’s almost impossible to choose just one. But for me, I can choose one thing for sure – every year I’m going to be right here at the Funfest.”

There are also some very special people that serve as celebrity judges who have helped make the Corvette what it is today, like Dave McClellan, Corvette’s Chief Engineer from 1975 to 1992. He tells us, “What I really want to do as a judge is go find an early Corvette, that’s been well maintained, or that someone has put a lot of personalization into it… and pick that car as a celebration of what they’ve done to keep their car together.”

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