Video: Corvette Fail Ends In “Hit and Run Baby!”

When will people learn? If there is a camera recording your attempt to show off, bad things are sure to happen. This video which comes to us via Corvette Blogger is just another example of Murphy’s Law taking advantage of an overzealous Corvette driver.

The set up to this video is a scenario we are all too familiar with. It’s a Saturday morning car meet, and a group of on-lookers have gathered at one of the exits to the parking lot to get video of cars as they are leaving. Truth be told, most of them are probably hoping to catch footage of people embarrassing themselves while letting poor judgment and their right foot get them in over their heads.


Predictably, the red Corvette gives the cameras exactly what they were looking for, and peels out of the parking lot, tossing the car into a 360 right in the middle of the busy street. He comes back for more, because – hey, those other cars will get out of the way, right? He spins into a 180, and the hot tires grab a little more than the driver was expecting. The Corvette pushes straight into oncoming traffic and right at a lifted step-side Chevy pickup.  

There’s an audible crunch as fiberglass meets steel, and the Corvette speeds away as soon as he regains his bearings. As the cameraman comments, “That’s a hit-and-run, baby!” and it was all caught on tape for the world to see. Think of this video next time you’re leaving a car meet and get the urge to give the cameras a show…

On a side note - what in the...?

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