Video: Corvette Driver Nearly Crashes Into Crowd

Whenever you gather a whole bunch of gearheads together, you’re bound to attract a few ne’er-do-wells who are only there to show off and feed their own egos. For whatever reason, some people feel the need to showcase their car’s horsepower whenever a crowd of more than three people are assembled together. Sometimes, it can be cool; but if you can’t control your car, it can instead be quite dangerous.

Just ask the driver of this silver C5 Z06 Corvette, who was leaving a Dallas Cars & Coffee event when he suddenly lost control and skipped the curb, nearly colliding with a crowd of onlookers… among them several children.

You can tell from the beginning that this Corvette driver is up to no good as he slows down upon his exit from the gathering. He revs it and starts burning rubber, and hasn’t gone more than 50 feet before the rear end slides out. After overcorrecting, the still-accelerating Corvette swings hard to the right and jumps the curb.

The ‘Vette ends up doing a 180 across the sidewalk. stopping maybe 10 feet away from a crowd of gawkers and onlookers (none of whom thought to get out of the way, apparently). It is all over in seconds, and thankfully the driver is able to limp home with his tail between his legs, hopefully a lesson learned. Probably not though.

We think the guy speaking at the end of the video sums it up best. “Really?”

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