Video: Corvette Drag Car Burns Out Inches From Spectators

One of the fun, exciting things about drag racing is the barely-contained power. The noise, smoke, and vibration of a powerful car like this Corvette-bodied roadster is something that has to be experienced in person to really be appreciated. Generally speaking, only racers and crewmembers get to be a part of things up close, with spectators kept at a safe distance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Germany, however. Thanks to a YouTube video filmed at the 2011 Street Mag Show in Hamburg, Germany, we can see just how few precautions are taken to make sure that the viewing of such a dragster is safe as well as fun and exciting.

In the video, the Corvette (which the poster of the video claims has 1,500 horsepower) can be seen doing burnouts and accelerating down the lot right in front of a crowd of people who are not separated from the car by so much as a rope. Time and time again, the dragster is backed up right into the crowd before a burnout is done. As the Corvette accelerates toward the other end of the crowd, people are seen backing up to avoid being hit as the car comes to a halt.

There is no doubt that insanely powerful cars are exciting to see and be around. But is that thrill really worth the risk that is being taken in the video? The driver seems to have control over the dragster but it would only take one slip of the accelerator or braking too late to turn this exciting event into a tragedy. That’s exactly what happened in 2007 at a charity event in Selmer, Tennessee, when Troy Critchley lost control of his Pro Mod car during a demonstration burnout, killing six spectators and injuring 23 others.

While this video ends without incident, it’s kind of hard to watch, knowing what could have happened (and what’s happened in the past).

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