No matter who you ask in the car community, Corvette owners are typically looked upon as the poser, mid-life crisis car guys who are simply out there trying to recapture whatever youth they still have left with an expensive sports car. Often, they are seen as the “lawn chair crowd” – the sort of individual that considers having fun in the car community as spending hours with the polish, heading to the local cruise spot, pulling the folding chair out of the back, staring at their back bumper for an hour or two, and then taking the car back home just before dusk. As Corvette lovers and enthusiasts ourselves, we sort of have difficulty understanding those stereotypes. 

But there’s a group of Corvette owners based out of Nebraska who are proving otherwise. They are known as the Corvette Cornhusker Club (CCC), and you can scoff at their unusual name if you’d like, but you should know that these guys are for real. While some of them are all about the show and shine scene, many, many more are taking their Vettes to the autocross circuit.

For further proof, you should seriously take a couple of minutes to watch the Vimeo video above that catches all of the action that these guys typically see at any given autocross event in their part of the country. 

Judging by everything we see in the video, it quickly becomes evident that these enthusiasts are serious about enjoying their Vettes!