Whenever we get asked if there are enough car-centered television shows, we always answer ‘no.’ For a nation seemingly obsessed with driving, very few television shows actually focus on cars themselves, at least not ones that do anything other than rub fenders and turn left. The major television networks have certainly given up on fictional car shows like Knight Rider, and they’ve never had any interest in reality/documentary shows in that genre, leaving it up to smaller cable channels to pick up the slack. 

Thankfully, gearheads have channels like Speed TV to give us our octane fix. For Corvette fans specifically, a new television show set to debut in January will go straight to the heart of the vehicle. “Vetted” will take a look at every generation of America’s favorite sports car when it hits the small screen this winter.

Co-hosted by Friday Night Lights star Drew Waters and Fox Sports NASCAR commentator Jeff Hammond, Vetted is a show focused on covering the history, features, and future of the Chevrolet Corvette. With nearly 60 years of history and nearing seven very different generations of cars to choose from, there is plenty of material for Waters and Hammond to cover.

From the straight-six, Blue Flame-powered first-gen Corvettes to the 638 horsepower ZR1 of today, the two hosts get the rare chance to experience life behind the wheel of many different cars bearing the same famous name. We don’t doubt that the Corvette’s racing history will play a major role in the show, but there are plenty of pop culture references and manufacturing features to talk about as well.

It is certainly a show Corvette owners of all types are sure to enjoy. Will you be tuning in?