What’s the difference between a magnificent sculpture and an exquisite performance car? Well, if you ask Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion, there shouldn’t be any differences, especially when discussing the brand new 2014 C7. That’s because what the world got a look at as the next-generation sports car in the middle of January, is one fine piece of machinery with undeniably gorgeous sculpted lines. But before you take the new Stingray’s exterior at face value, check out the innovative ideas integrated into the overall body design that make the seventh-generation car the best ever made in the video above.  

Alluded to in the first C7 teaser video released by Chevrolet, the future Corvette is more than just function. It’s also a work of art, and as Bennion explains in the video above, a work of art in which beautiful form follows “performance driven function.” Nothing displays this better than the new Corvette model’s unique aesthetic value.

Beyond the undeniably good looks of the latest Chevrolet performance machine is what Exterior Design Director Tom Peters explains is the difference between art and design. While stunning, each inch of the Corvette’s exterior features serve a purpose, whether it be for cooling the front brakes, providing downforce, or keeping the transmission and differential at optimal working temperatures. In order to create the best mix of form and function, every bit of the new Corvette is the result of a collaborative effort from the whole Chevrolet team.

One of the biggest players in form and function is the aerodynamics of the new car, area of expertise for Aero Engineer John Bednachik. While each line of the C7 certainly gives it a distinct look, they each add to the aerodynamics and overall performance of the car.

When a new car comes out, especially one with as much heritage as the Corvette, talk usually starts with how much horsepower it will have, or how fast it’ll go from zero to 60. What this video reminds us, however, is that there is much more to a car than initial performance numbers, and it starts with the vehicle’s exterior design.

Lucky for us, Chevrolet has put together the optimal collage of both in the brand new C7 Corvette.