As winter gets an early start all over the country, automotive enthusiasts are having to worry more and more about their beloved cars – even in unusual locations. Such is the case in Plano, Texas where a winter storm has taken a new turn into destructive territory. Not only are ice-covered streets an issue for drivers, they’re also becoming a concern for individuals who have parked their cars near their apartment complexes. Check out what we mean in the WFAA news video above, brought to you thanks to a tip from our friend Michael Brown.

ice_damageWhile winter weather is notorious for bringing added risk to a daily drive in many parts of the country, parking your car in plain sight of your apartment has never been so risky in Texas. That’s because in the Plano area, a winter ice storm has caused sheets of ice to build up on apartment roofs, which now, thanks to slightly warming weather, are sliding off and damaging cars parked below.

Among the nearly dozen car casualties is a black C6 Corvette that not only had its front windshield shattered, but also its rear window completely caved in, mirrors torn off and roof damaged. The only hope? That insurance may cover the damages.

Our thoughts go out to those affected in Plano by this winter storm. And please, whatever you do, be careful where you park this winter!