Are you experiencing the heartbreak of uneven tips? Sure, the exhaust sounds great. It makes more power. But, through the inevitable effects of time, vibration, and perhaps even a little inattention on your part if you are a DIY’er when first installed, your CORSA exhaust is somewhat misaligned. This is one of those things that simply Will Not Do, but fortunately it’s an easy fix.

With a socket wrench, two clamps to adjust, and perhaps the eyeballs of a good friend (note – the person who helped you hang your Hemnes shelf from IKEA which is slightly off kilter and makes your DVD cases fall over if you don’t put them on the correct side is not the friend to ask) you can once again find your way to tip alignment happiness.

Just follow this simple video guide, and, just a suggestion here, CORSA guys, wash the C5 before shooting the next video… Granted, our own in-house (and CORSA-equipped) Project Y2k is often filthy as well, but it comes by it honestly – in the year since we acquired it, we’ve put 25,000 miles on it, since Corvettes are meant to be enjoyed, not put on display.

So, to recap – Socket wrench, ten minutes, friend’s eyeballs, straight tailpipes. Makes for a good weekend project, and a feeling of accomplishment all out of proportion to the actual effort involved.