If you’ve ever torn down an engine, you know how tedious it can be. But when you cram all the bolt turning, component wiggling, tight squeezes and unexpected surprises into 60-seconds, it’s not all that bad. That’s exactly what this Horsepower Monster video does with a 283ci engine from a ‘57 Chevy. Check it out above for a unique angle on engine tear downs.

Engine tear downs can take hours, especially if you’re dealing with an engine that’s been in a car that’s just sat in a field for 20+ years like this one. But with a bit of a time lapse (and some penetrating oil), everything from rusty bolts to squirrels’ nests can be tackled in seconds. And yes, this engine really did have a nest packed inside it underneath the intake manifold, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it in the video.

Now the point of this video is not for a technical breakdown of how to tear down an engine. Rather, it’s merely for entertainment value and with hands flying a mile a minute, you can see why. But we kind of like the non-tech side for a change. After all, engine tear downs and builds are supposed to be fun and not about sitting through hours of video showing you how to take off each bolt on your engine block.

We aren’t quite sure how this engine is going to be built in the future, if it’s going to stay classic or have some modern touches, or what it will be going in for sure, but the information attached to the video does suggest it may go in a roadster of some sort. For now, all we can do is dream of engine tear downs in real-time going this fast.

For a more in-depth look at the engine tear down, from the intermediate shroud and secret torque converter bolts, to the road draft and the front-mount qualities of the classic 283, you can check out StreetMuscleAction.com

From assembled to completely apart, this engine tear down didn't take any time at all. If only they all went that way...