Our buddies over at Cunningham Motorsports, in Murrieta, California have long been known for the potent LSX powered rides that roll out of their shop on a daily basis. In this video from YouTube we take a look at a CMS-built C5 Corvette on the dyno after a tuning session, and making more than impressive power numbers.

The turbos are actually mounted up inside the fenders on each side of the car. Its a natural place to mount them since under-hood space is at a premium in late model Vettes.

The black C5 you see in the video is more specifically a 2001 Z06 that is still powered by its original LS6 that’s been worked over by CMS. The motor is still just the original 347 cubic inches but has been upgraded to handle a heaping helping of boost. The real spurs of this car are a pair of Turbonetics 67mm turbos that put the intake manifold under 17 PSI of pressure, while a meth injection kit helps keep the detonation down even on pump gas.

The 67mm Turbonetics turbos are actually an upgrade on the HP turbo kit.

So just how much power does this CMS-tuned animal make? Well the grand sum of all those go-fast goodies come together under the hood of this fiberglass rocket to produce a face-melting 824 rear-wheel horsepower, and 720 pound feet of torque. That sounds just about right for a street car, don’t you think?