Video: Classic Mustang Body, C5 Corvette Running Gear

While we’re all fans of classic American muscle, the fact of the matter is most of our beloved muscle cars could be beaten down the drag strip by a modern day midsize sedan. They’re just not as fast as some people remember them. Luckily, the creativity and ingenuity of American gearheads knows no bounds, and many have taken it upon themselves to modernize classic muscle cars, which usually requires a pile of cash and aftermarket performance parts.

Or, you could just graft a 1969 fastback Mustang body onto the chassis of a C5 Corvette, as this video on YouTube shows. Madness, or the most brilliant idea ever?

It just might be. We’ve got literally no details on this mad contraption, other than it is a primer-grey 1969 Mustang body somehow attached to the chassis of a LS1-powered C5 Corvette. That means this little Mustang has gotten a completely modern suspension and drivetrain for the cost of a used C5 ‘Vette (which are going for between $10 and $15k these days.) It’s actually a really clever way of modernizing this classic Mustang without having to buy an entire catalog of aftermarket parts.

On the same token, this is probably the most unique-looking Corvette ever built too. And man, does it sound mean. Just how you would imagine the unholy crossbreed of two of America’s most dynamic and well-known muscle machines. We really wish we knew more about this contraption, but for now it just needs a name. The Morvette? Costang? For now, let’s just call it cool.

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