Video: Classic Corvette Tattoo in Progress

Since the dawn of human history, people have tattooed themselves for a variety of reasons. In some cultures an individual’s tattoos signify their rank in the social strata, and in others tattoos are given to commemorate historical events, such as the birth of a child or a great victory. In American society, we choose to have ourselves tattooed for a variety of reasons as well. Some people see tattooing as purely artistic, and others will tattoo themselves with phrases or murals that have a personal sentimental meaning. Often individuals will have themselves tattooed to show allegiance with one group or another – such as a fraternity or religious group. And particularly in America, there is a very strong link between tattooing and our car culture.

In this YouTube video we uncovered yet another example of the link between tattooing and American car culture. This particular gearhead most likely chose to endure 6 hours of pain having his 1962 Corvette permanently inked on his back to show his life-long allegiance to The American Sports Car. If this doesn’t prove this guy is a hard-core Vette, owner for life, then nothing will. Note the dual quad set up sticking through the hood, as well as the token “USA-1” front license plate. This intricate ink job was laid down by Tattoo Artist George Rupley, at Wylde Sydes Tattoo in San Diego, California.

So, this begs the question: Just how far are you willing to go to show your love for the Corvette?

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