As you will remember, a few days ago we brought you a news item on a rather unique (and pricey) 2003 Corvette that we found for sale on eBay, and after a bit more research, we have now more details on these C5 Corvettes that are restyled to look like C2’s, and the shop that performs the conversion.

Apparently the Blue Coupe we featured in the news item is a “Classic 1” from Chattanooga Rod Design, out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The shop’s YouTube video tells us:

“While most street rodders update an older car, Chattanooga Rod Design took a different approach. They start with the late model platform of a C5 or C6, with its nearly perfect performance and handling characteristics. They then combine it with a classic look of the 1967 Corvette…The build process begins by removing the original body panels from the donor car, and replacing them with the hand-laid [fiber]glass parts fabricated by Chattanooga Rod Design. The Process takes about 3 months.”

You’d better have deep pockets if you’d like to own one of these unique Vettes – according to the shop’s website, a complete conversion will run you between $90,000 and $100,000. For more info on the “Classic 1”, check out Chattanooga Rod Design’s website at