Not just anyone can drive a Chevy, you know? In this funny new commercial from Chevrolet, we find out that if you want to drive an adrenaline rush inducing a new Chevy, you’ll first have to prove that you’ve got what it takes.

The video opens on the would-be test driver, as he thinks it’s just another day at your average dealership. He walks up to the saleswoman and calmly announces that he’s there to test drive a new C6 Corvette Coupe. With a quick nod from the sales woman, a shady mob-type unceremoniously tosses a burlap sack over the test driver’s head, and hauls him to a damp and dark training facility, where we quickly find out that the mild-mannered sales woman is actually anything but.

The test driver is then submitted to a series of evaluations to determine his suitability to drive a new Chevy, including an “Aerodynamics Test” and an “Enjoyment Aptitude Test.” Finally, after passing all the rigorous tests the saleswoman has for him, the test driver becomes something more than just a common man… he becomes a Chevy Driver. Check out the commercial for yourself to see if you think you’ve got what it takes to drive a new Chevy.

Think you've got what it takes to drive a new Chevy?