Video: Chevy Corvette Stuck In Deep Mud

The Chevrolet Corvette is a capable performance car backed by almost 60 years of motorsports history. From drag racing to road racing, Corvettes have even been seen in rallies like the Baja 1000 and famous Monte Carlo competitions. But one thing no person should ever attempt to do with a Corvette is go mudding. Not unless that Corvette sits on a serious 4×4 frame.

The C5 Corvette bogged down in the mud of next video had no such frame beneath it, so it isn’t any wonder why it sank up to its hood in liquified dirt.

Granted, it is an older C5 Corvette, a performance car that is a tremendous bargain in today’s used car market. Even so, a Corvette is a Corvette, and while we’ve seen some (very) questionable design and aesthetic choices, this just seems a waste. Maybe there is something otherwise wrong with it that we don’t know about, but from the looks and sound of it, it seems like it was in OK condition.

No longer though. This Corvette has sunk deep into that mud, its radiator likely blocked and the driver laying hard on the accelerator (as though that is somehow going to get him out). Eventually a real mud bogger yanks him out, though if that Corvette somehow didn’t suffer some kind of engine or suspension damage, we’d be surprised. At the very least, that Corvette has mud crammed in every crevice under that car, and will require a good powerwashing to clean up.

With all the people lining the mud pit, this seems purposeful, perhaps a product of peer pressure or drunken delusions of grandeur.We don’t know what the Corvette driver was trying to do… but if his goal was to look like a dumbass, job well done.

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