The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded by notable racer, Louis Chevrolet. With a founding father with a race background of his own, it is no wonder that Chevrolet cars immediately made an impact on racetracks country wide.

From the Indianapolis 500 where Chevrolet has taken seven wins and provided 22 pace cars over the last century, to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series where Chevrolet has dominated 680 races, Chevrolet has definitely proven to run deep here in America.

However, Chevrolet’s racing history doesn’t just reside here in the States. The company has also represented with honors and wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nurburgring and Stock Cars Brazil.

With Chevrolet celebrating its centennial birthday just last week, we look forward to seeing Chevy take on another 100 years of amazing race heritage. With the company providing its 22nd Indianapolis 500 pace car this year in the form of a ‘11 Camaro convertible, winning at Le Mans and gearing up for an even better race season next year, we’re sure Chevrolet won’t disappoint.