Video: Chevrolet Releases Inside Look at Twelve Hours of Sebring

In the third episode of Chevrolet’s special, Inside the GT Fight- Sebring, Corvette Racing Crew Chief for Corvette #3, Dan Binks, speaks about just how hard the whole team worked to get the cars ready for the event. Shop team members pulled 12 hour days to get the Corvettes ready in time for Sebring, something which Binks expressed he was worried about making the deadline for. Through struggles at the track, the Corvette team persevered with their heads held high, resulting in consistent cars and track times.

Oliver Gavin, driver for the #4 Corvette, has dealt with the competition of Sebring before. However, this hasn’t change his attitude about just how intense the competition can get. As he expressed in the video, drivers feel pressure just from racing for a team like Corvette. On top of that pressure, drivers must not let their guard down and must maintain focus at all times in order to do well at Sebring, especially with all the new drivers on the circuit this year. Because new drivers are not as familiar with the race, their driving lines are a bit more creative, states Gavin, causing the need for even the most experienced drivers to be more aware of where their competitors are at all times.

Also included in this video is a reaction from new driver Tommy Milner, who drives the #3 Corvette. Milner’s strategy at his first race at Sebring was to maximize each lap as much as he could. Traffic was a major concern for the team, but they managed to keep  their cars out of major accidents and made the least amount of mistakes out of all the competing teams- something that Milner says is extremely important in endurance racing.

Though they had their fair share of issues, the Corvette team managed to earn a podium position with third place, along with a fourth place win, at the end of the day. Binks says that the teams placements, despite the struggles and difficulties, shows just what the Corvette team is made of.

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